Hi Personage!

Welcome to my tumblr ^^
Words which describe me would be: apathetic, awkward, random, anxious and introverted.

I'm an asexual who likes Kpop, writing, Supernatural, various other shows and anime. I dabble in drawing. And I make Gifs now and then.

B.A.P are my all time favourite group, I still believe the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie was awesome, and so far The Book Thief is the only book to make me cry.


Omg this outfit…. THIS outfit….

The original Mew design is from Cowslip’s GijinkaDex and can be found here: http://cowslip.imgur.com/

I really honestly put so much love into this commission. There is a LOT of fabric painting and customizing here. I used dupione fabric here for everything (sans the lining) because there is just the barest of textures to it that I highly appreciate. That and I found the most beautiful hues of pink in the same material soooo… yes. 

Have I mentioned how much I love painting on fabric? lol

Anyway, my Wife (supernovadobe) did me a huge favor by modeling the outfit so the rest of you can get a good feel for how the costume sits on a person. It’s so…. lovely. Ohmygosh my wife is such a lovely model #>.<#!!

That’s all!

Design by Cowslip who can also be found Here :D
Cosplay Made by Me
Model: Supernovadobe

Anonymous asked:
do you still have a vip ticket available?

Hi anon. I’m afraid I’ve sold the VIP ticket. I don’t know if you’re just looking for tickets in general or VIP, but if it’s the former I’ve seen a few posts on FB. ^^